thrive not survive

Health is more than surviving or the absence of disease. Our bodies are designed to self-heal and thrive but our modern diet and lifestyle are interfering with that process.

When you rebalance and nourish your natural healing mechanisms you have the energy to show up and live your life with meaning and purpose.  

IT'S TIME TO OWN YOUR HEALTH. Let me show you how.


Gaby Kimchi MSc
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Mom Burnout Expert

Welcome! I’m Gaby. I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach trained at the New York Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a member of the UK's Health Coaches Association, taking a holistic approach to health and well-being and specialising in mom burnout and female health. I help moms recover from burnout and navigate motherhood with confidence, joy and radiant health using my signature Optimal Living Method that has been tried and tested by so many of my wonderful clients.


From my own healing journey, I know the frustration and anxiety that come up when your health is less than optimal. Having uncovered and then corrected the root causes of my own health issues, I made it my mission to help other moms design their unique blueprints to achieve optimal health, feel good in their own skin and have more energy and vitality to do the things that are important in their lives. Click here to find out more about my story and how I can help you to optimise your health.


Here is the thing: motherhood is hard. It is not just you. 

Are you feeling?

constantly stressed, tired or overwhelmed; disconnected from yourself and your loved ones; struggling to integrate your health, home and work life; like you've lost your zest for life or purpose; like you keep putting off your needs; like you struggle to find time to exercise or do health-promoting activities; like your moods, weight or hormones get the better of you; like your body has let you down or that you are forever fighting it and confused by all the conflicting information on nutrition and lifestyle that's out there...

or maybe...

you have persistent headaches, bloating, skin rashes, generalised pain and anxiety, and struggle to manage weight....

You may also be feeling a humming inside. A sense that you deserve more. A knowing that you can heal, that you aren’t broken or stuck. Trust this sense! It’s your intuition speaking and you can absolutely heal and improve your life to a whole new level. 

You do not have to this alone!

I know what it feels like to be stuck. I see you, I have been you. I used coaching to recover from burnout and transform my life and that is why I made it my mission to help other moms get unstuck. I can help you to find claritybalance, inspiration, true nourishment and optimal vitality.

Click here to find out how.


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Alex, 34, Marketing Executive

"I am fascinated with the program, your level of professionalism and the level of dedication. I do not know how you do it. You really have impressed me. This level of delivery exceeds anything I have seen at a corporate level with companies that have been established for many years.

Thank you for sharing your gift!"

"I really enjoyed working with Gaby.

Gaby’s skill was in rooting me where I am today and being okay with that

and then looking forward into the future to where I want to be and start to

live from that place.

I loved the breadth of tools that Gaby uses for the benefit of her clients

making this a very holistic approach to coaching".

Neha, 34, Optometrist

"Gaby really helped to ground me during these challenging times. During the pandemic life has been so tricky and having that self-care time is difficult when you’re working and balancing childcare, especially as my husband and I work in healthcare and therefore can’t work from home. Through engaging with Gaby I developed a sense of learning to be OK in the now and find more joy in my family and children. That has deeply stayed with me and it has really helped with the subsequent lockdowns. I feel I am much more positive in general and find myself radiating that out to others too. 
Thank you so much for everything Gaby!"

Nina, 46, Entrepreneur