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Hey there!
Hola amigas!

I'm Gaby Kimchi


women's health coach,

mum-burnout expert, holistic health advocate and educator.

Having suffered and recovered from chronic stress and mum-burnout, I'm on a mission to empower fellow mums to optimise their healthharness the power of their hormones and prevent or recover from burnout - at any stage of motherhood.


Using my signature Optimal Living Method, designed from the ground up, you can rebalance and nourish your natural healing mechanisms giving you the health and energy to maximise your potential and show up and live your life with meaning and purpose.

Once, I was just surviving but now I'm thriving. Realising that health is more than just getting by or the absence of disease (surviving) was transformational for me. Our bodies can naturally blossom and self-heal (thriving) but modern diet and lifestyle are interfering with that process.

It's time to OWN YOUR HEALTH.

Let me show you how.


Motherhood is hard.

...but you do not need to sacrifice your health and well-being to be a good mum.

I want you to imagine how you would feel if.... >>

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Success Stories...

Alexandra, 34
Marketing Executive

"I am fascinated with the program, your level of professionalism and the level of dedication. I do not know how you do it. You really have impressed me. This level of delivery exceeds anything I have seen at a corporate level with companies that have been established for many years.

Thank you for sharing your gift!"

"I really enjoyed working with Gaby.

Gaby’s skill was in rooting me where I am today and being okay with that

and then looking forward into the future to where I want to be and start to

live from that place.

I loved the breadth of tools that Gaby uses for the benefit of her clients

making this a very holistic approach to coaching".

Neha, 34

"Gaby really helped to ground me during these challenging times. During the pandemic life has been so tricky and having that self-care time is difficult when you’re working and balancing childcare, especially as my husband and I work in healthcare and therefore can’t work from home. Through engaging with Gaby I developed a sense of learning to be OK in the now and find more joy in my family and children. That has deeply stayed with me and it has really helped with the subsequent lockdowns. I feel I am much more positive in general and find myself radiating that out to others too. 
Thank you so much for everything Gaby!"

Nina, 46

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