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Hire Gaby - it's life changing!

Read how this amazing entrepreneur and mama of two went from 'being floored' every month due to crashing energy levels at menstruation and 'random stomach pains' to being full of energy and zero pain.

The healthiest she had ever been but still not thriving...

Francesca signed up to my 6-month Optimal Living Programme she was 'the healthiest she'd ever been' after losing weight and adopting a movement routine she finally enjoyed. However, she was just fine or getting by and had small niggles she had come to accept as normal side-effects of having a period and being a busy mum.

We all have those little niggles that feel small and disjointed, but through working with Gaby I realised how they can add up to have a much bigger impact on our overall well-being and health paving the way for disease.

Every part of your history matters when it comes to how your health is expressing...

After the initial 90-minute Health Matrix and Strategy Session, where I plot every single aspect of my new client's health history in a matrix, so I can see the chains of interconnectedness in how their health is expressing, I suspected Francesca was suffering from estrogen dominance, sub-clinical cellular hypothyroidism and was in sympathetic overdrive.

This is how Francesca described our initial session:

Think of coaching with Gaby as hiring a detective who will not dismiss any symptom and will not stop until she gets to the root cause - and then knows just what is going on and how to help you fix it.

Mind-body awareness helped Francesca to deal with the stomach pain.

After ruling out the stomach pains with diagnostic testing from her doctor, I provided a safe space to let Francesca get curious about what she was experiencing. This allowed her to become aware of a predictive emotional pattern that led to the pain. We worked on rewiring the stress response that had become associated to the pain. This gave Francesca immense relief and power and she now uses tools in real-time to befriend her stress and emotions, instead of trying to run away from them, which tended to aggravate the pain. Within a couple of weeks of using the tools, the pain disappeared.

Eating healthy is not enough...

Although Francesca's nutritional intake was one of the best I have seen from a new client, we worked on optimising her gut function, improving detoxification pathways to deal with her estrogen dominance and eating hygiene to ensure optimal nutrition absorption. Eating well is not enough if we are in sympathetic dominance and our bodies cannot synthesise the content of our meals leading to dysbiosis and nutrient deficiency.

The turning point...

To further improve her hormonal health, we focused heavily on cycle syncing and infradian rhythm optimisation through nutrition and lifestyle practices designed for Francesca's unique situation as we are all bio-individual.

This was by far Francesca's biggest aha:

My biggest result was learning how to cycle sync and am more aware and enlightened about my cycle. Before I was floored every month by extreme lethargy during my period and had to take to my bed, sometimes in pain, but always with zero energy to move. For several months now, this hasn't happened :)

In just 6 months, Francesca went from surviving to thriving.

I honestly thought I had done all the right things, was eating more healthily than ever and was doubtful as to what more I could gain from health coaching - but just the fact that I no longer spend a whole day wiped out in bed every month has made it so worthwhile. I am more aware, better rested and my energy levels returned. I know now how my lifestyle might affect me later in my cycle, am more empowered and can feel more in control. It's amazing. I just wish I had known this sooner (years ago)!

Coaching is more than just information...

It is about inspiration, empowerment and transformation. For anyone considering working with me, Francesca kindly said:

I would say if you are even considering health coaching, then yes, you do need it, and no, you won't feel the improvements from just reading a few books. Instead, hire Gaby - it's life changing! "

If you are ready to thrive like Francesca, book your FREE 30-minute Health Review.

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