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What the F(ascia)? :)

That was my reaction when I first heard the word fascia inside Lauren Roxburgh's Aligned Life Studio. I soon became fascinated by this relatively newly discovered sensory organ which is made up of a thin casing of connective tissue, that surrounds and holds all our muscles and organs in place.

Think of fascia like a 3d extracellular matrix or biological fabric that regulates lymphatic fluid flow and is highly permeated with countless nervous endings. This makes it a gateway into holistic healing as you can tap into your autonomic nervous system by stimulating the fascia anytime.

Foam rolling has become my favourite way to tap into this beautiful organ and witness the mind-body connection in action. It is a technique that uses your own body weight to stimulate and cleanse the lymphatic system and stimulate the fascia. Think of it like pilates + self-massage - win, win!

Strong emotions, stress, bad posture all congest the fascia. When our fascia is congested or tight we have soreness, inflammation, muscle contraction which can all lead to dis-ease.

By stimulating your fascia with a foam roller you create a free-flowing lymphatic drainage system, helping your body to get rid of toxins and dead cells, thin scar tissue and clear stuck stress and emotions that build up over time. It is not uncommon to feel a bit emotional when you start foam rolling - but this is a good sign of decongestion and progress!

You will experience release of muscle tightness, less soreness and inflammation, increase your joint range of motion and feel lighter emotionally too. It is a holistic and kind way to look after your body that has multiple benefits.

I also love the results as my body feels leaner, I have more muscle definition and I feel stronger since I started this practice two years ago. It has helped me ditch the 'no pain, no gain' mentality and improved my interoception (body-brain connection). And since you know I am all about #harnessinghormones, foam rolling can be adapted for any phase of your menstrual cycle which is another bonus!

If you are ready to give foam rolling a go, make sure to check out Lauren Roxburgh's studio as she is the queen of all things fascia! Click here to access her studio and don't forget to use GABY15 at checkout for your exclusive discount.

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